Welcome to The Flipside Journal, your guide to living life more sustainably.

After deciding to create a blog, I then spent quite an age navigating all the corners of my mind to try and find a fitting title. The main reason for my blog is to act as a ‘Flipside‘ look at the way the majority of us in the western world have decided to live our lives. After contemplating the reason for my blog, the title became an obvious choice!

This is me, taking serious photos with friends.

A bit about me: I’m Jo. I’m 27. I packed my bags and left school at the tender age of 16 and dived head first into work. By the time I was 19 I had managed to save enough money to fully take the plunge and quit my day job, all for the chance of fulfilling my dream by getting a job in Film & TV. Going freelance in this industry meant working for free just to network and make contacts. Finally at 21 I was able to turn those contacts into making a living working full time in Film and TV. It has always and continues to be quite a struggle to maintain this, however I do enjoy the variety of work and people so I really cannot complain! 


About the blog: Entering my twenties I have become more conscious about the world around me, the way I live my life and the impact that has on the planet and the people in it. I think it started in 2011 when I began having health issues and had to pay much closer attention to my diet. This change of action had me questioning my previously very carefree approach to eating and my lifestyle. (Which was usually whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted it)

With the surge of documentaries now available to us covering all sorts such as the environment, sustainability, animal cruelty, and consumerism, I found myself watching and consuming  an incredible amount of them. One particular documentary really effected me. ‘The True Cost’ – is a documentary about the impact of the fashion industry on humans and the environment. It was so eye opening and powerful that I found myself crying as the credits rolled and decided I had to do something. 

But what exactly? 

Well that is where my blog comes in. I’m just one person, on the internet, typing my thoughts out into the atmosphere, but I figure that if just one of those thoughts influences just one person to change an aspect of their life, and that of our planet and society, then wouldn’t that be something worthwhile and good? I would certainly consider that a success.

My boyfriend and I travelling in Uruguay

I want to explore living a more conscious lifestyle by using natural and sustainable foods, and investing in products that have the same feelings and ideas behind them: be it better beauty items and/or smarter ways of using clothing.

This isn’t only about food and products though…I’m also going to be exploring other lifestyle areas, and trying to promote an all round more thoughtful way of living. I’ll discover and try to see how accessible all these things are to us, the average person on a budget, whilst remaining realistic and happy doing them. 

The concept behind my blog started from a documentary so I think it would only be right to recommend the other interesting documentaries, and films I’m watching and that have had an effect on me.

Living a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to live in the woods, and not wash your hair (although I have tried that). You can look good, smell good, and who knows, it may even make you feel good, and be healthier and happier for it.

*If you want to get in touch please email me on flipsidejournal@gmail.com*